Apple store Berlin
Architects: Tchoban Voss Architecten
Location: Berlin, Germany
Photographer: Sergey Melnikov
The Apple store in Berlin is located in the building at Rosenthaler Straße 44, which is part of an ensemble of three buildings designed by Tchoban Voss Architecten. These buildings at Rosenthaler Straße 43-45 house offices, retail space, apartments and two country-side roof terraces. The neighbouring building is home to the co-working space Wework and H&M Home. The construction was completed in 2021.
Apple store Berlin. Photographer: Sergey Melnikov
It was one of the most challenging architectural photography shoots in Berlin. The challenges were both during the architectural shoot itself and in the retouching stage of the photos. But let's talk about everything in order....
Architectural photography
I faced a lot of challenges in the photography process. 
1. The building where the Apple store is located is in a very busy area of Berlin on Rosenthaler Straße 44. And it is impossible to photograph it without pedestrians passing by it and visitors in the shop. The total frame consists of at least 15 photos.
2. In order to photograph an empty store I had to wait until 8 p.m, when the shop closes. But the problem is that the sunset is at 6-30 p.m. So I had to memorise the exact place where the tripod was located, so that I could come back after the shop closed to take this photo.
3. Limited space. The very street where the shop is located is very narrow and in order to photograph the whole building, I had to literally press myself against the building opposite. 

Apple store Berlin. Photographer: Sergey Melnikov
Architectural photo retouching
The retouching process took longer than the architectural photography itself. I had to spend a lot of time cleaning the photos of pedestrians, bicycles and fences. For clarity, I made an example of what the photo looked like before and after processing. You can see it in this article.
Apple store Berlin. Photographer: Sergey Melnikov
Despite all the challenges in the architectural photography process and subsequent retouching I feel that all the effort was worthwhile. The result exceeded all expectations.
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