Architecture and Interior photography course
Hey, everybody.

Here's a question - I have a very cool course on architectural and interior photography that has already been taken by several hundred students. I have received a lot of positive feedback and words of appreciation in return. 
Due to a move to London, the last stream of the course was already a few months ago. I am now thinking of relaunching the interior and architectural photography course. The course content will be written below.
And now the most important thing - the first 10 participants will be able to buy the course at a 20% discount. Total, instead of $500, the course will cost only $400.

If you would like to buy the interior photography course, please contact me.
The duration of the course is two and a half hours. No "water" or unnecessary foreplay. Only useful information. A whole 13 blocks.

1. Photographer-entrepreneur. How not to agree to work for food.
2. Material possessions. A dream equipment kit. Equipment kit at the bare minimum. What, why, why.
3. Participants of the shooting process. The usefulness of decorating an object before shooting.
4. Interesting cases and the client I love.
5. Composition in interior photography.
6. Shooting conditions. Daylight vs. Artificial light.
7. Basic mistakes of beginners.
8. Post-processing. Capture One.
9. Post-processing. Natural light. (Let's process the frame shot with natural light).
10. Post-processing. Artificial light.
11. Tilt-Shift lens vs. normal lens + Photoshop. Is there a sense to overpay?
12. Post-processing. Vertical alignment.
13. Answers to questions.
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