Line design studio 
Architects: Line design
Size: 75 sq. m. 
Location:  Kaliningrad
Photographer​​​​​​​: Sergey Melnikov
I wanted to make the photo session of the studio filled with thoughts about the present and the future, what worries each of us in such a warlike world.
In world culture, the symbol of the white dove has become a symbol of peace and prosperity. For many years, this symbol has been interpreted in different ways at different times. In our photo shoot, this symbol was an impersonal human figure painted white. The man is wearing a white mask, which at the same time refers to the form of the main dominant of the interior - the geometric volume, and at the same time personifies a certain collective image of people striving for peace, creation. According to the plot of the shooting, a person walks through the entire space from the first to the third level, reaching the very upper hermetic volume from which he looks at the viewer. The path of man is the path to peace! We want to tell everyone that the future can only be in a world of love and mutual understanding.
The idea of this space appeared quite a long time ago. Back in the last studio, we created a certain model and ideology of our workflow, which are based on the perception of our activities not as work, but more as a way of life. We managed to assemble a team that shares this position and create our own little world, framing it in this image of the studio.
The first point of contact of a person with space occurs in a room where the eye is attracted by a complex geometric volume of white. This is a deliberate provocation that arouses the interest of a person, in a good way! But functionally, this room is very significant.
Under the overhanging white volume there is a large double-sided sofa and a TV area. Meetings with clients, project presentations and collective discussions of new ideas are held here. Also an important and eye-catching element is the bar console table. It acts as a connecting element between the common area and a small kitchen area with a sous room.
The main part of the studio is formed by local working areas. So, on the first floor there are four full-fledged workplaces with a permanent attribute of our studio - a living tree. This is where the quietest, most creative process takes place - the work of designers.
The connecting element of the futuristic volume and the rest of the monochrome space is a white staircase leading to another work area on the second level. Here the project documentation and equipment are developed. Four full-fledged workplaces and a small recreation area form this space.
And the final, most intriguing area, located in the main dominant volume, is an absolutely white workspace for two people. Here, every new idea is born from the void.
The shape, the purity of the lines and the color are the embodiment of us, our studio and our work.
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