Nordic Spa

Architects: Line Design / Sasha Moloko, Mikhail Lenko, Evgeniya Enina, Pеtr Pavlikov
Total area: 130 m2
Location: Baltic sea, Kaliningrad
Photographer: Sergey Melnikov
The building of the Nordic Spa complex is located 50 meters from the Baltic Sea, the coast of which is famous for sand dunes and a constantly changing landscape due to strong northerly winds.
The main concept of the Nordic Spa project is seclusion and contemplation of nature.
We had to start at 4am to do architectural and interior photography at this location. The thing is that at the time of architectural photography the complex was already working and unfortunately it was impossible to close it for visitors for the time of photography. That's why we had to start shooting so early.
The dominants of the complex are the interiors of two steam rooms and a rest room, from the windows of which you can see the beautiful Baltic nature.
Also, the spa complex includes premises: a reception area, changing rooms and a patio with outdoor showers.
The most pleasant time to visit Nordic Spa is autumn, winter. It is during this period of the year, when the sky takes on its heaviness, and the waves of the cold Baltic Sea become even more severe, it becomes especially pleasant to watch the riot of elements from warm steam rooms.
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