Preparation before booking architectural photography shoot
Architectural photography demands not only the expertise of a skilled photographer but also the serendipitous alignment of various external elements. While variables like the unpredictable weather and unexpected building renovations can't always be controlled, meticulous planning can optimize photographic outcomes. With this in consideration, I provide clients with a concise checklist to prepare for their architectural photography project.
Weather and Lighting conditions
Optimal lighting and weather conditions are essential to getting the best architectural photographs. Sometimes factors such as the time of year can limit the light on a subject. When shooting exteriors, it may be necessary to shoot at sunset to emphasise certain aspects of the design, in which case please let me know.
For interior photography doesn't matter cloudy day or sunny. The choice between the two depends on the particular characteristics of the space being photographed. In cases where both the exterior and interior of a building need to be captured, it may necessitate multiple days of shooting to do all the tasks. Additionally, if optimal weather and lighting conditions are essential to the client. Please keep in mind the potential possibility of rescheduling your photo shoot and the extra time it may take to do so, especially if you have limited time.
The Facility's State
To achieve the most optimal photographic outcomes, it's crucial that all relevant aspects of the building are in a clean, accessible state, devoid of any visual obstructions.
Following a building's completion, ground-level work such as landscaping and utility installations may still be in progress. In situations involving phased construction, neighboring structures might remain unfinished, and construction activities could be ongoing. Failure to consider these factors before commencing the photography session can restrict the scope of the resulting images and impact the building's visual appeal in the photographs. Therefore, it is advisable, whenever feasible, to procure a current assessment from an on-site source prior to scheduling a photo shoot.
Access to the facility
Obtaining proper authorisation to access the building prior to my arrival for photography is a prerequisite. Building managers and security staff are often reluctant to let anyone onto the premises unless everyone has been warned in advance. This applies to both interior and exterior photo shoots.
In order to ensure that the client gets what they want from the shoot, it is important to outline in the brief any special requirements that may be needed. Whilst intuition and experience drive much of my approach to architectural photography, there may be specific aspects or details of a room or structure that you want to cover that may otherwise be overlooked.
Architectural photography services are used by a wide variety of clients, each with their own specific requirements. To cater for this diversity, I offer rates tailored to the specifics of each job. To receive a quote, please describe in general terms the project you would like to photograph.
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