Restaurant photography
There are shoots where you don't need surgical precision in the construction of every shot. Now I'm talking about shooting social media content for a restaurant. In such cases, you usually need to show the atmosphere of the restaurant and emphasise the main dishes.
Firebird restaurant in Soho, London
As an example of such a restaurant photography shoot, I will show a shoot for the Firebird Restaurant in Soho, London.
During this photo shoot for a restaurant, we needed to show both the interior and a few dishes.
After the interior, it was the turn of the food photography. We chose a few dishes and picked the drinks that best matched each dish.
We should not forget about people, because they create the atmosphere of the restaurant and fill it with warmth.
And that's only half of the photos that came out of the shoot for the restaurant. Thus, after such a shoot, the restaurant is provided with photos and content for at least a month.
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