SUZUKI Jimny | Iceland
Location: Iceland
Year: 2024
Hey fellow adventurers and photography enthusiasts! Join me on a thrilling escapade as we explore the stunning landscapes of Iceland through the lens of a Car Photographer, navigating the breathtaking terrains in Suzuki Jimny.
cap photographer
Iceland's diverse landscapes, from glaciers to volcanoes, serve as the ultimate backdrop for automotive artistry. The Suzuki Jimny tackles the challenging terrains with ease, allowing for seamless exploration and the capture of jaw-dropping scenes that highlight the harmony between machine and nature.
In a country known for its dramatic landscapes, the journey is just as significant as the destinations. The Suzuki Jimny, with its nimble size and off-road capabilities, ensures that the Car Photographer can venture off the beaten path, discovering hidden gems and secret spots that are off the typical tourist trail.
I only had 2 days for this shoot, but thanks to Iceland's fantastic scenery, even two days is enough time to shoot in several locations, despite the fact that Iceland has only 4.5 hours of daylight in winter.
car photographer
car photographer
Iceland landscape
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Thank you all!
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