Vetvi Gastrobar
Architects: Line design
Year: 2022
Total area: 167 m2
Location: Kaliningrad
Photographer: Sergey Melnikov​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The concept of the institution is shrouded in natural images, in every detail we tried to convey the spirit and atmosphere of the nature of the Kaliningrad region. And just as day turns into night, the room was divided into two halls - light and dark.
The zone of the day hall is an association of the edge of the forest, where in the air you can see how warm sun rays fall through tall pines, and your feet are buried in soft thick moss. It is this atmosphere of the first bright hall that welcomes the guests of the institution and is more suitable for lunch time. The second hall personifies a dense dark forest, enveloping and filling the entire space with its winding branches. The atmosphere of this hall is more intimate and ideal for dinners.
After forming the general concept, we started filling the interior with details. The first thing we got was a ceiling of thick branches in a dark room. The next element was a large console table and a lamp made of branches, smoothly exiting from the general
ceiling structures. We have a special love for floating tables. But this time we went further! The table is not just a very complex structural element, it is part of the concept of the establishment. The interior of the table is filled with sand from the Baltic Sea, illuminated and covered with transparent glass. This enhances the immersion of guests in the unique atmosphere of the nature of our area and creates the effect of a meal on the shores of the Baltic Sea.
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